Pineview selected as preferred partner by Kendoon

As per our press release of 6th March 2020, Kendoon Housing Association has selected Pineview Housing Association to deliver the “best future and outcome” for its tenants

Kendoon started the search for a partner with a clear view to “driving forward positive change to deliver the best outcome and future for our tenants”.  Following a rigorous selection process Kendoon decided that can be best delivered through Pineview Housing Association. 

Linda Devlin, Kendoon’s Chair said “After more than a year of consultation and deliberation the Management Committee believe that the proposed Transfer of Engagements will bring significant benefits to our tenants including affordable rent levels, excellent service provision as well as further investment in the housing stock and local environment.  Ongoing discussions with our partner Pineview will create a new vision for the future of all our tenants and provide much needed investment in the area”.

Victoria Phelps, Pineview’s Chairperson added "We are delighted that Kendoon has chosen Pineview as their preferred partner for their Transfer of Engagements. This provides Pineview a welcome opportunity to further our dedication to the community of Drumchapel by extending our affordable housing, excellent services and investment to the residents of Kendoon. I would like to thank my fellow committee members and our staff team for their commitment through this process. We now look forward to an inclusive consultation process through which we welcome the views of Pineview and Kendoon tenants on this transfer proposal."

Pineview has written to all our tenants to advise on this and will be issuing more correspondence and holding consultation events as matters progress.  In the meantime, if anyone has any queries please contact Joyce or Karen at our offices.

Press release 6 March 2020
2020 03 05 Letter to Pineview tenants