How Rents Are Set

The Association has a Rent Setting & Service Charge Policy which we follow when setting the rent for our properties.  All rent levels and other charges are reviewed annually, with any increases implemented from 1st April each year.

 The key principles of our rent setting framework are:

  • To ensure that our housing services are provided efficiently and give value for money
  • To ensure that there is a fair system of setting and apportioning rents for different types of property
  • To be both transparent and accountable so that the basis for setting rents is clear to staff and tenants as well as being easy to administer

The specific objectives of the Rent Setting & Service Charge policy are:

  • To set rents and service charges which generate sufficient income to ensure the short, medium and long term viability of the Association
  • To set rents that are broadly consistent with comparable rents charged by other housing associations in the area
  • To only make a service charge where it is necessary to do so i.e. where the costs of the services concerned are not covered by the rent
  • To ensure that the costs of providing services are recovered only from those who enjoy the benefits of the services
  • To ensure that there is fair differentiation of rent for different types of properties
  • To set rents that are based on accurate housing stock and financial information
  • To set rents that are affordable to households on low incomes

Rent Charge Structure from April 2020

The association undertook consultation with tenants from 2018 to determine a transparent, fair and easily understood rent charging structure.  Following much engagement, and assistance from the Resident and Customer Forum, a new rent charging structure was agreed and its implementation began in April 2020.

The rent structure is based on points per amenity, which are then multiplied by a charge factor to arrive at the monthly rent.  The charge factor is reviewed annually in consultation with tenants.

Please see our rent structure leaflet for more information - Rent Structure (from 2020).  The charge factor for 2024/25 is £21.71 per point.

Rent, Management Fees & Service Charge Increase Consultation

The Association offers a range of ways for residents to get involved and have their say on the proposed rent and service charges for the coming year, e.g. by individual letter, access to online surveys, newsletter articles, website news/social media posts.

Prior to agreeing any increase in rent levels, the Management Committee will consider consultation responses from:

  • Tenants, sharing owners, owner occupiers
  • Customer & Resident Forum Group
  • Any other relevant stakeholders

Legal Framework and Regulatory Compliance

The Association has full regard to legislation, contractual obligations, good practice and the requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator in its approach to rent setting and service charges.