Estate Caretaker Service

A key objective for us is to provide an efficient, responsive and cost-effective housing service to our customers. Our internal management business plan addresses the risk to our service delivery if our customers do not have well maintained properties with a safe and attractive environment to live in.  The provisiong of the in-house Estate Caretaker service assists us to deliver our objectives, manager our risks and meet our customer expectations.

As your landlord we ensure that the common areas we own are maintained efficiently and effectively from rent, service charge and factoring income.  Some residents pay a service charge for specific aspects of the Estate Caretaker Service, for example close cleaning.

We are committed to maintaining close working partnerships with council services to maximise service delivery within our areas of operation.  For example, Bins and Recycling, Environmental Health, Roads and Lighting, Police and other services our residents pay for through their council tax charges.

Our Estate Caretakers work Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. 

The work of the Estate Caretaker Service is supplemented by our Landscape Maintenance Contract.  Our Landscape Maintenance Service is currently delivered by Idverde (, and includes the cutting of grass in communal areas and the maintenance of common shrub areas.

The following outlines the core services delivered by the Estate Caretakers:


Office Duties:

  • Cleaning the office at the start of each day.

Estate Management:

  • Monitor and identify any estate issues.  This can include overgrown gardens, discarded bulk items in gardens and common areas, fly-tipping, dama to roads or pavements.
  • Communicate with residents where issues are identified and report to Housing Services staff for follow up and monitoring.


Wheelie Bins and Bin Stores:

  • Present common area wheelie bins for collection by Glasgow City Council. This applies to specific areas where access issues have been identified.
  • Clean bin store areas.
  • Return wheelie bins to common bin store area (where applicable).

Close Cleaning:

  • Sweep and damp mop all common close landings and stairs with disinfectant solution.
  • During inclement weather (snow and ice), it may be deemed appropriate not to damp mop to protect residents and visitors from slips and falls.

Common Areas:

  • Clean and clear common paths, bin lanes and close enterances including litter picking and de-weeding.
  • Identify and report any issues on roads or pavements, for example, pot holes or fly-tipping.
  • Carry out any minor repairs.
  • Clean and clear play areas, including litter picking and de-weeding.
  • Visual inspection of play equipment to identify any areas of concern including faults due to recent vandalism or wear and tear.
  • Report any identified safety issues to Housing Services staff immediately for follow up action.


Close Cleaning:

  • Deep clean common closes, cleaning windows, window ledges, bannisters, tiled areas and door entrances.

Close Meter Inspections:

  • Record electric meter readings in all common closes to ensure accurate charges are issued by utility providers.
  • Inspect for any visual electrical faults or safety concerns. 
  • Report any identified safety issues to Housing Services staff immediately for follow up action.

Legionella Risk Control:

  • The Estate Caretakers are trained in Heath and Safety Law and the Approved Code of Practice, "Legionnaires Disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water systems" (L8). The Estate Caretakers carry out inspections and water temperature checks in line with the code of practice to:
    • Our office
    • Common close cold-water storage tanks (where applicable)
    • Home Line Unit (Pineview Court)

Garden Maintenance:

  • Northmuir Community Garden - supporting the local community to ensure the area is well maintained. 
  • Strimming of fence line areas.
  • One-off garden mowing assessed on individual needs and usually only in exceptional circumstances.  Residents may be recharged for this service where they have failed to maintain their garden in line with their tenancy agreement.

Void Properties (Properties which have become available for re-let):

  • Assess the property for any potential Health and Safety concerns.
  • Clear out and dispose of all rubbish, including loft spaces, sheds and gardens.
  • Inspect for any repairs and maintenance works required.
  • Carry out minor repair works to ensure the property meets our lettable standard.
  • Clean the property.
  • Mow the garden where appropriate.

Other General Duties:

  • Ensure common areas are clear of any potential Health and Safety hazards.
  • Graffiti removal in line with our Estate Management and Repairs and Maintenance Policies. 
  • Assist residents in need with minor maintenance issues where deemed appropriate.
  • Assist with Pre and Post Inspections:
    • Pre-Inspect potential repairs to identify works required.
    • Post-Inspect completed repairs to ensure our standards are met.