How To Ventilate Your Home

All tenants should be aware that condensation can occur in many different forms and in most occasions it can be avoided if the correct measures are practiced.

1.Tumble dyers should always be vented to allow moisture content to escape from property. 

2.Washings should not be dried over radiators. 

3.Windows should always be vented, even in winter months by means of using the trickle vents to allow rooms to have adequate airflow circulation in the property, and to omit the risk of condensation forming. 

4.All properties should be heated and ventilated throughout the year to prevent condensation forming and eliminating the risk of mould growth which can have an effect on your health. 

5.If condensation appears on windows and sills especially first thing in the morning, these areas should be dried up immediately so that the water content which has formed cannot cause any further damage to the property.

The above measures can ensure that your home stays free from condensation and any risk of health issues arising. 

Ventilate Right

Making sure you ventilate your home is a key message in this new short film produced by the Glasgow School of Art.  The aim of the film is to help us become aware of the impact of poor ventilation on health and general living environments.