Annual Reports and Charter Reports

Each year the Association is required to produce an annual report for our members, and an annual charter report for our tenants outlining the Assocation's progress and achievements in meeting the requirements of the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  The Association combines these two reports.  The details of the Scottish Social Housing Charter can be found on the Scottish Government website -  Scottish Social Housing Charter

Let us know your thoughts

The Association has consulted with our Management Committee, Resident & Customer Forum and with tenants through our newsletter on the content of the Annual Report.

We would be keen for more tenants, residents and customers to be actively involved in deciding the focus and scope of the report as well as the design.

To do this we need you to get involved or at least let us know what you think – please!

We would like you to tell us your views on the report so that we know what we are getting right and what you would like us to change. Take our survey now to let us know your thoughts.

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