Apply for a Property

Step 1

You will need to complete and submit and application form. 

Step 2

We will assess your application and award points based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Step 3

We will contact you if we are considering you for an available property or reviewing the housing register.

Step 1 - Application FormHand holding keys in front of white door

We operate an online application system in partnership with Cernach HA and Kingsridge Cleddans HA.  The system is designed to simplify the application process; complete one application form, submit your form to one, two or all three partners simultaneously.

Please follow the online instructions to complete and submit your application for housing.  

Application Verification:
We will at some point require verification from you of your details.  If you can submit these with your application that would be useful, otherwise we will follow up with you later.  The verification we will need for you, and anyone aged 16 or more who wishes to be rehoused with you, includes:

  • 1 form of Proof of Identification i.e. Passport, Driving Licence, Birth Certificate, Bank Card (signed)
  • 1 form of proof of address i.e. Utility bill, bank statement, Benefit letter (must be within last 6 weeks)
  • Proof of Child Benefit i.e. Bank Statement showing award, Award letter

If you require help to submit your application please see our contact us page for details of how to get in touch.

Step 2 - What happens after you submit your application form

We Will ...

  • assess your application and award points based on your individual needs and circumstances (we will contact you if we require more information);
  • add your application to our housing register; and
  • send you a letter confirming the points you have been awarded and your unique reference number (please have this handy if you contact the Association regarding your application

Step 3 - Contact

We will only contact you if:

  • we are considering you for an offer of housing; or
  • we are carrying out an annual review of the housing register.

    Until you are allocated a property or your application is withdrawn or cancelled, you must inform us immediately of any change of circumstances, for example:

    • a change in your health, which is affected by your housing
    • someone in the household becoming pregnant
    • a member of your family or friend leaving or joining the household

    Apply Now

    Details of how we use your information, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, can be found on our Data Protection page.