Are you receiving the correct amount of benefits?

Are you receiving all the benefits you are entitled to?  Even if you are working there may be benefits you are entitled to.  

A Welfare Benefit Adviser works for Pineview residents on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Why not make an appointment with the benefit adviser. They will check what your income and benefits are and advise you if you have some entitlement you are not receiving.

To make an appointment for the Welfare Benefits Adviser:

  • Telephone the Association’s Office on 0141 944 3891
  • Send an email requesting an appointment to

Should a Tuesday or Friday morning appointment be unsuitable, you can contact Drumchapel Citizens Advice Bureau on 0141 944 2612 and seek advice from them directly. Alternatively, you can contact us and a member of staff will pass your details on to Citizens Advice for someone to call you back. 
This has proven to be an invaluable service, which could benefit you financially and maximise your income. Many of our tenants and residents have already used this service, and many have reported  an increase to their income and/or benefits that they were not aware they were entitled to previously.