Transfer Update - May 2021

Kendoon Transfer Update

As we reported in the Spring newsletter, following robust consultation and tenant voting, the tenants of Kendoon Housing Association (88.5% of tenants voting) chose Pineview as their new landlord.  The transfer went ahead on 1st February when we transferred all Kendoon Housing Association (KHA) stock and welcomed all the tenants to Pineview.

Continuing Covid19 restrictions have prevented us doing some of the work we would like to do – getting out and meeting tenants in their homes, operating a full repair service, maximising our engagement.  However, as restrictions begin to ease and we are permitted to increase what we can do, if it is done safely, we intend to increase our presence and engagement as quickly as we can.  This applies to all Pineview areas and not just ex KHA areas.

Delivering on Our Promises

As part of the work before transfer we made several promises to the then Kendoon tenants.  These promises revolved around providing the same level of services to tenants that Pineview tenants get and which KHA tenants had only recently started getting.  Pineview is committed to delivering on the promises we made.  As part of this, we will be reporting on what we have done each quarter to our tenants, our Customer Forum, our Committee of management and the Scottish Housing Regulator.  We will publish this information on our website, so it is publicly available.  We will also refer to it in our newsletters to remind everyone that it is there and being reported on.

The promise performance reporting will begin in July/August and be every quarter thereafter.  This allows customer to see what we are doing and to hold us to account if they think we are failing on any of our promises.  The reporting will take the format of detailing what Kendoon objective was; what was the transfer requirement to improve outcomes for tenants; what Pineview said it would do; and what Pineview has done to date.  An example of this is given below.

Promise Performance Reporting

Objective 1 – Improve rent affordability

Transfer Requirement

Pineview Promise

Outcome to date

Address the issue of Kendoon rents being higher than the Scottish average and inconsistencies in levels between house types and size along with affordability.

- Implement PHA rent setting policy.

- Limit any increase at £10 per month (increased with inflation annually).

- CPI only increases for 3 years.

- PHA rent setting policy implemented 01/04/21.  More than 84% of tenants had rent decrease

- Less than 16% of tenants had rent increase, with any increase capped at maximum of £10 per month.

- CPI only increase to rent structure 2021.

If you have any queries or wish more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephoning 0141 944 3891 or e-mailing and a member of staff will be pleased to assist you.