Suspension of Caretaking Service and Restriction to Repairs Service

As requested by the Government, and to reduce risk, all our staff will be working from home by the end of this week.  Our staff are still working our standard hours and have resources to deal with any resident queries by e-mail or phone.  If you need advice or assistance from us during this time please use our website contact form or e-mail us through and we will be in touch. 

If the matter is an emergency during our normal office hours please leave a phone message on our main phone line (0141 944 3891) giving your name, address, contact number and some brief details and someone will call you back. 

If your contact relates to an emergency repair outwith our normal office hours, please contact City Building on 0800 595 595.

If your contact relates to a data protection matter, please contact our DPO on 07575 838625.

If you are vulnerable and need advice on who to contact for help, please let us know.  We will be regularly checking in with our older and more vulnerable tenants by telephone – if we don’t have your telephone number or e-mail please can you let us know it now.

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Estate Caretaking Service

Common Close Bin Presentation

Tuesday 24 March will be the last day that we will be pulling out the bins for collection by Glasgow City Council (GCC).  GCC will still be collecting refuse but we need to ask residents to put their bins at the kerbside to be emptied, and then return their bins, when emptied, to the bin store.  The bins work on a two week cycle with the Green bins (for standard waste) one week and the Blue bins (for recycling waste) the next week.  A schedule of collections will be sent to all residents living in closes.  We will put out and return the Green bins on 24 March.  Residents will start dealing with bins from the following week with the Blue bins on 31 March 2020.  As the bins can be emptied very early in the morning, it is crucial to make sure they are put out early on the day or collection or late on the previous evening.

Schedule of Collections: Bin Rota for Tenement Closes

Bulk Uplifts

GCC have advised that they will not be collecting bulk items until further notice.  As such, please do not put any bulk out for collection or within the bin store area.  If you have bulk items to dispose of, please either keep them in your home or make arrangements to take them to GCC recycling depot.

Close Cleaning

To minimise the volume of people entering common closes and to minimise risk to staff, we will be suspending the cleaning of common closes and surrounding areas until further notice.  As such, we are asking residents to keep closes and common areas clear of any rubbish and to keep the areas clean and handrails and handles disinfected.

Repairs Service

As our contactors are being increasingly affected by the Coronavirus situation their availability to do repair work is reducing.  Whilst they and us have been trying to keep the repairs service as “normal” as possible we now need to restrict service to emergency repairs only.  This also means that the statutory Right to Repair timescales will be suspended and only emergency repairs will be undertaken.  By restricting the repairs service to only absolutely essential or emergency work means that we can all assist with maximising social distancing.

For more information see the letter issued to all residents below.

2020 03 23 Covid19 letter to tenants

Note about contractors attending your home for an emergency repair

If you do request an emergency repair, the emergency contractor will ask you if you are self-isolating or if anyone in the house is showing signs of the Coronavirus.    The repair usually will be carried out, but you and your household may be required to remove yourself from the room or area affected by the repair while the trades people carry out the work.  This is part of the contractor keeping their workforce safe.  We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter.  Follow up work that may be required but is not an emergency may well be put on hold until such times as routine repairs are returned as part of our normal service.  The safety of staff and contractors should be respected and you should social distance yourself by 2 metres (6 feet) even if you are not self-isolating.