SHR wanting tenants views

The National Panel is one of the ways that the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) includes the views of tenants and users of social landlord services in their work.  The Panel is an important part of how SHR involves tenants and service users in their work, alongside other mechanisms such as Tenant Advisors and feedback from RTOs.  Over the last 9 years the Panel has provided rich feedback about tenant and service user views, and has helped to shape the focus of the Regulator’s work.  The SHR is keen to build on this with a broad Panel membership.


National Panel membership is open to all tenants and users of social landlord services, and the SHR want to include as diverse a mix of tenants and service users as possible.  Around three quarters of the current membership are not involved in RTOs or other formal tenant participation structures, and the Regulator is keen that the Panel continues to reach individuals who may not have otherwise engaged with tenant participation opportunities.  You can also have the option of winning £50 by taking part - please see here for more information.