SHR Regulatory Status and Engagement Plan

SHR has published information on their engagement with each social landlord in their engagement plans, and for the first time they have published a Regulatory Status for all RSLs. The Regulatory Status shows whether an RSL complies with the Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management (the Regulatory Standards) and regulatory requirements, is working towards compliance or where SHR are taking statutory action. SHR also highlight where a Regulatory Status is under review.

SHR have advised that this year:

·        140 RSLs are compliant with Regulatory Standards and regulatory requirements (with two under review);

·        seven RSLs do not meet the Regulatory Standards and regulatory requirements and are working towards compliance; and

·        two RSLs do not meet Regulatory Standards and regulatory requirements and SHR are using statutory powers to address the non-compliance. 

SHR have not determined a regulatory status for five RSLs who have transferred engagements to another RSL during the year: Barony Housing Association, Bellsmyre Housing Association, Hunters Hall Housing Co-operative, Kendoon Housing Association and Osprey Housing Moray.

More information is available on the SHR website: SHR Risk Assessment Summary Outcome


Pineview’s Regulatory Status is Compliant.  Our 2021/22 engagement plan can be found on the SHR website:

Click here to be taken to Pineview Engagement Plan