SGM/AGM -16/09/2021

Thank You - SGM and AGM for Members Thursday 16 September 2021

A big Thank You to our members for supporting us to be able to have our Special General Meeting (for Rule change) and Annual General Meeting on Thursday 16 September 2021.

A number of members attended and a number submitted Proxy forms, which allowed us to achieve a quorum and proceed with the meetings.

Mark Ewing of TC Young Solicitors attended and presented the proposed Rule change to our members.  Following this a vote took place and members unanimously voted in support of the change.  Details of the Rule change can be found here.  The Association will now follow due process to have the Rules registered and put into effect.

At the AGM the Chair provided a brief report on the activities of the Association over the year 2020/21 - a copy of the contents of this are avaialbe by clicking Chairs Report to 16/09/2021 AGM

Following the AGM the Committee of Management details have been updated on our website and are available here.  If anyone would be interested in joining the Committee please just contact our Director Joyce Orr at or phone our main telephone number 0141 944 3891 and ask for Joyce to contact you.

A raffle was held and 20 vouchers to the value of £25 each were up for grabs for members who had attended in person of through Proxy - congratulations to all our winners!

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Special General Meeting (for Rule change) and Annual General Meeting to be held at 6pm Thursday 16 September 2021.


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