Rent Restructure Review

During 2018 the Association appointed consultants North Star Consulting and Research to help us ensure that we have a rent setting structure which is considered to be fair and transparent by our tenants. 

We have carried out a rent restructure review with tenants and our customer and resident forum. During the consultation process we asked tenants to tell us what they thought were the most important things to take into account when we calculate our rent charges.  Consultation feedback indicated that most felt a rent structure based on property size, type and attributes:

  • would be easy to understand - 73%
  • would be fair - 87%
  • would be acceptable - 73%

We have listened to the consultation feedback about the rent structure, and are now proposing to revise our rent setting structure to simplify and streamline the rent setting process.

A rent setting booklet, along with a letter has been issued to all tenants which details the proposed rent setting structure relevant to their property. If you would like to discuss the rent restructure in more detail please contact a member of the Housing Services Team on 0141 944 3891 or by emailing