Pineview and Kendoon Tenants Unite For the Future

On Monday 1 February 2021 the tenants of Kendoon Housing Association transfer to be tenants of Pineview Housing Association Ltd.  This follows a robust period of tenant consultation, positive tenant voting and shareholder approval.  Tenant voting took place in November 2020 with 88.5% of tenants voting choosing Yes to transfer.  Management Committee members and staff from both Pineview and Kendoon have been working hard to put arrangements in place to deliver what tenants voted for and to enable the transfer of engagements to take place on 1 February.

With the transfer of engagements Kendoon tenants transfer to Pineview with their existing rights protected and all homes transfer into the ownership of Pineview.  By becoming part of Pineview over 80% of tenants from the Kendoon area will have reduced rent charges from April 2021 and all homes will benefit from increased investment (when Covid19 restrictions allow).  The transfer allows the ownership and management of homes and services to remain local in Drumchapel, and to deliver for the local community.

Victoria Phelps, Chair of Pineview said “We are delighted to welcome the Kendoon community to the Pineview family.  When Kendoon reviewed its business and came to the decision that it could not remain independent and deliver to tenants, Pineview offered to help and has worked tirelessly towards a transfer that will keep services local.  We have kept Pineview tenants updated throughout and our Resident and Customer Forum are pleased that the transfer will deliver improved services for local people.  We have made a number of promises to tenants and we will deliver these and will be held accountable by all our tenants and customers.”

Josie McGinty, Pineview Committee Member and Tenant said “It is great that the tenants from Kendoon are joining Pineview, we will have a stronger future together.  I have family and friends who live in Kendoon and they have felt very let down over the years, but now things can change and the future will be much more positive.”

Linda Devlin, Chair of Kendoon, will join the Pineview Management Committee and as a committee member, and local resident, will work with her committee colleagues to ensure that promises to tenants are met, and that the Pineview business is robustly managed to deliver for tenants both now and into the future. Linda said “the Management Committee at Kendoon are delighted that tenants voted overwhelmingly for the transfer, as we believe this is in the best interests of our tenants, and that they will benefit from a brighter and better future joining the Pineview family.  My thanks go to the staff team at Kendoon for all their hard work delivering service improvements, and in supporting tenants through the transfer process during COVID-19. Personally, this is a very exciting time, and I am looking forward to joining the Pineview committee and seeing the positive changes to tenants homes and community”

Welcome Letter to Kendoon Tenants [Redacted]