Kendoon Transfer Proposal Update

 Kendoon HA Transfer Proposal Update

Pineview Housing Association (Pineview) wrote to all Pineview tenants on the 5th March 2020 advising that Kendoon Housing Association (Kendoon), having reviewed their position for over a year, had made the decision to seek a Transfer of Engagements (transfer) to Pineview.   We advised that the proposed transfer would bring significant benefits to tenants of both Kendoon and Pineview. 

The benefits include, but are not restricted to, rental charges, tenants engagement, and savings that can be spent on tenant services.  Pineview has lower rental charges and Kendoon tenants would benefit from transferring to Pineview charges.  Pineview has active tenant participation through our Customer and Resident Forum and Kendoon tenants would benefit from the skills and experience of the Pineview group and could positively work together to ensure our tenants voice is continually heard.  Pineview tenants would also benefit as the increased size and strength of Pineview, through the transfer of the 319 Kendoon properties, would allow administrative savings and therefore allow more resources to be dedicated to continually improving our services to tenants and customers.  

Shortly after we had written to all tenants to advise on this, the Coronavirus emergency situation became the focus of everyone’s priorities.  This has meant that the efforts of both Pineview and Kendoon has had to be on the more immediate matters of protecting the safety and wellbeing of our tenants, customers, staff and wider communities.   As such, the planned public meeting, to give Pineview tenants more details on this, has had to be cancelled.  Similarly, the consultation with Kendoon tenants has been put on hold due to social distancing restrictions.  

As both Associations get used to the new ways of working under Coronavirus restrictions, we will begin to review what, if anything, we can do to restart the process in a meaningful way.  We will keep tenants update on progress.  In the meantime, if you want to discuss any of the above please just contact me by doing one of the following means:

Tel – 0141 944 3891 and leave a message and your contact number and I will call you back;

 Website – complete a contact form on our website -

 E-mail –