Help Scottish Water Keep The Water Cycle Running Smoothly

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Scottish Water have released a 'How To' guide to saving our drains from blockages. Maintaining over 30,000 miles of sewer pipes across the country, Scottish Water want to highlight the common mistakes residents make when disposing of waste and what should and shouldn't be disposed down our drains to avoid blockages.

Each year, Scottish Water deal with over 40,000 blocked drains causing pollution and flooding.  The drain pipes running under our homes are 4 inches wide, and designed only to hold used water, pee, poo and toilet paper.  Scottish Water note that although it may seem your toilet has flushed other waste products, chances are these items will block your drains. 

They have provided useful tips for your drains in both the bathroom and kichen:

In the bathroom, Scottish Water suggest following the Triple P rule - if it's not Pee, Poo or toilet Paper, don't flush it.  Their list of never flush items includes condoms, cotton wool, sanitary products and all types of wipes. 

In the kitchen, all fat, oil and grease products should be left to cool and scraped into a container before being placed in your household bin.  Scottish Water suggest using a sink strainer to catch any food waste while cleaning your dishes to avoid food waste clogging the drain.

You can find more information on how you can help Scottish Water keep our drains clear here

Scottish Water's Kitchen Checklist

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