2023 Summer Outing: Heads of Ayr Farm Park

Pineview’s Annual Summer Outing to Heads of Ayr Farm Park on 4th August 2023 was a great success.  154 residents and their families filled three coaches for a fantastic day full of exotic creatures, farmyard favourites, and amazing activities to suit all ages.

Our residents, their children and grandchildren enjoyed feeding the animals, playing on the rides and the giant jumping pillows.  With the sun shining everyone had an fantastic day with some even commenting that they were impressed we sorted the weather for them!

Deborah Izzett (resident)

"Great wee day. Me and Millie had a great time. So much of our family got to go so it was a great family day out for us. There are so many of us and not everyone drives so getting a family day out where we can all attend can be very tricky but having the transport there meant that we could. We could have played the duck game all day, it was great."

Lisa Wood (resident)

"We had a great day – the only problem was the wasps! It was a great way to meet neighbours and other people in the area and it makes me feel more comfortable knowing who my neighbours are. I’d be up for two trips a year!"

Robert Reid - Pineview Senior Housing Officer

"The sun shone for us, and it was so lovely to see everyone enjoying being together.  Pineview provided snack packs for on the coach and a £3.50 voucher for everyone to spend at any of the on-site restaurants and snack bars to help residents with the costs of a family day out.

Feedback from all who attended was very positive – with many residents telling us how much they and their families had enjoyed the day and thanking Pineview for making it possible!"

Here’s to next year’s outing!

HOA 23 Outing Sharkey Family

HOA 23 Outing Izzett Family

HOA 23 Outing A Brennan J McLean