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Below is archive information - this is no longer current, but will be kept for a while for reference.

Resident Communications and Government Guidance

Scottish Government guidance - Coronavirus in Scotland

PHA Coronavirus Update - December 2021 - Covid19 Dec 2021 Update

PHA Coronavirus Update - June 2021 - Covid19 June 2021 Update

PHA Coronavirus Update - May 2021 - Coronavirus Update - May 2021

Scotland Lockdown - Covid19 - 5th January Lockdown Update

Scotland in lockdown (04/01/2021) - PHA website news section

Scottish Government letter to housing sector 08 Jan 2021 - Covid19 - Scottish Government letter 8th Jan 2021

Please also refer to our newsletters Newsletters - in Community section

Update from Pineview - Covid19 - Update for tenants, residents and customers (30.11.2020)

Local Glasgow restrictions from 02/09/2020 - Local Glasgow Restrictions

Covid19 - How to contact us during the restrictions (Jan 2021)

Nationwide research project into Covid19 impact (25.05.2020)

2020 04 24 Covid19 Update Comminication For Tenants and Residents

2020 03 23 Covid19 letter to tenants

2020 03 18 Customer Information Letter

Scottish Government Route Map Guidance:

For up to date information please always check Scottish Government website - Covid19

Covid19 - Scottish Government review of social distancing (June 2021) - click here for details

Scottish Government review of strategic framework (June 2021) - click here for details

Scotland in Lockdown - effective 04/01/2021 (04/01/2021) - click here for details

Glasgow placed in Protection Level 2 - effective 02/11/2020 (29.10.2020) - click here for details

Covid 19 - Scottish Government Strategic Framework (23.10.2020) -  click here for copy

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map - Phase 3 Update (01.10.2020)

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map - Phase 3 Update (10.09.2020)

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map - Phase 3 Update (30.07.2020)

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map - Phase 3 Update (09.07.2020)

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map - Phase 2 Update (18.06.2020)

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map Through and Out of the Crisis - Phase 1 Update (29.05.2020)

Covid19 - Scottish Government Route Map Through and Out of the Crisis (21.05.2020)

Vulnerable & Elderly Customers

Our staff team are phoning all tenants that we have telephone numbers for, and are prioritising calls to our vulnerable and/or elderly tenants.  These calls are to ensure some contact and to see if we can help give advice during this difficult time.  If you have changed your telephone number or do not think that we have it, please e-mail your details to or telephone 0141 944 3891 and leave a message with your name, address and telephone number.

There is also help available from Glasgow Mutual Aid - Coronavirus - Self Isolation Help from Glasgow Mutual Aid (27.03.2020)

Chest Heart & Stoke Scotland are also offering help from regular chats over the phone, shopping or medication deliveries, to dog walking - please see the following for details - Covid19 - CHSS Kindness Offer

Advice & Assistance

We will use this section for general advice and assistance that might be of use to our customers during this time. 

COPE - Winter Wellness 2021

COPE - Nurses and Midwives wellbeing resource booklet

Scottish Government Harship Loan information -

Whit's Happening - Issue 15 (25.06.2021)

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland - Kindness Offer

Covid19 - FACTS NHS poster (July 2020)

Coronavirus GCHSCP Covid19 Public Protection Bulletin 2

Coronavirus - Help With Self Isolation (27.03.2020)

Coronavirus - Self Isolation Help from Glasgow Mutual Aid (27.03.2020)

Coronavirus - Benefits Review Suspension and Advice (31.03.2020)

Coronavirus - DWP Request to Use Online Journal (09.04.2020)

Coronavirus - Money Advice and Support Services (07.04.2020)

Managing your Prepayment Meter through the Coronavirus Outbreak (31.03.2020)

Coronavirus - Glasgow HSCP Glasgow Resources Information (31.03.2020)

Coronavirus - Domestic Abuse Help (06/04/2020)

Coronavirus - Farmfoods Voucher FAQs

Whit's Happening Issues 11 (29.11.2020)

Cope - What If? Tips

Cope - useful phone support

COPE - Looking after your mental health when working from home

COPE - Life is strange tips

COPE useful advice and resources for Mindfulness (31.03.2020)

COPE Mindfulness Poster (31.03.2020)

COPE - Your Mental Health Matters (15.04.2020)

COPE - Getting into a health routine

COPE - Tips for a better nights sleep

Coronavirus Kindness Tips from MHF

COPE - Winter Wellness 2021

Paying Your Rent

We know a lot of our tenants will be worrying about paying their rent if they have been made unemployed or had their income cut - we are here to help you.  Please contact us for support, help and assistance.

CAB can also provide useful advice and assistance, especially during these difficult times - Citizens Advice Scotland

For Government advice on claiming benefits during the Coronavirus period please refer to the following - Coronavirus and claiming benefits

Coronavirus - DWP Request - Please Use Online Journal (09.04.2020)

Repairs & Maintenance

Tradespeople can continue to work in other people’s homes providing they follow guidance on working safely.  As such, we are processing all repairs, although some repairs are taking longer than what customers were used to pre covid.

Why are repairs taking longer than before?

More repairs being reported

Since covid restrictions were eased we have seen an increase in the number of repairs being reported to us. We know some customers didn’t report minor repairs to us during the lockdown periods as they didn’t want us visiting their home for work that wasn’t urgent.

National labour shortages

You’ll be aware there is currently a national shortage of key roles, many of which are tradespersons and professionals within the construction / maintenance sector – including call centres. This is having an impact on our contractors more widely and this challenge is impacting us and other housing providers. Our response times to attend routine repairs have been affected due to this.

Self-isolation and sickness means we need to rearrange some repairs at short notice. We know this has can be very frustrating for residents, but we have to ensure we keep to government guidance to keep everyone safe. We thank you for your patience.  

National materials shortages

The current national short supply of building material such as steel, timber, cement, and glass means we’ve had to rearrange some work until these items are available. We are fortunate to have frameworks and relationships with our contractors that have helped us to mitigate, but we recognise the frustration to our customers with us sometimes having to amend appointments at short notice. Again, we thank you for your patience until circumstances improve.   

We are working hard to have our service as “normal” as possible.  The good news is we are completing more repairs whilst ensuring safe working.  Your support in helping us manage our services to you more effectively during this time is greatly appreciated.

If you can, please help us by being as flexible as possible about your repair appointment. This will make it more likely that our team and contractors will be able to meet that commitment.

If you have any repair requirements, please complete our online repair request form ( or contact us on 0141 944 3891 or e-mail us at

National Volunteering Plan

A new ‘Scotland Cares’ campaign has been launched to encourage people to volunteer during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

While the most important ask for the public remains to stay at home and follow the essential public health guidance, people who are healthy and not at risk can volunteer to provide practical or emotional help to those most in need.

Those wanting to volunteer to support their communities have three options which are signposted from the Ready Scotland website:

Scotland Ready

• returning NHS workers will be directed to existing voluntary arrangements in NHS Scotland

• people wishing to offer their support to our public services, including the NHS and local authorities, will be directed to a site co-ordinated by the British Red Cross

• those looking for opportunities with other charities or community groups in their area will be directed to Volunteer Scotland for information

You can only volunteer to carry out tasks which involve leaving your home, once a day, if you are not required to be isolating and are not in any risk categories.  Please check the latest advice at NHS Inform.

To sign up, please follow the relevant links below:
•Returning Health & Social Care workers can sign up here - NHS Coronavirus Recruitment
•Join the British Red Cross to support our public services including the NHS and local authorities - British Red Cross
•Sign up to Volunteer Scotland to support other charities and groups in your community - Volunteer Scotland

Please be assured that as soon as your help is needed, you will be contacted. Where possible your offer will be matched with specific needs.